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I'm Steven.
Archer High School.
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Been Four Years Since I Released This, Christmas 2009. I Remember That Day. I Was In Sac Visiting My Mother And Sister In Her Little Ass Apartment, It Sucked. But I Was Super Stoked On Posting This On Facebook And The Blogspot I Had Set Up All Night. My Grandma Died Last Year ( not that any of you give a fuck) But All Of These Beats Were Made On Her Kitchen Table, And Now Four Years Later, I Just Re-Modeled The Kitchen In my New House ( the guy actually finished it 2 days ago, its fucking sick marble and shit blah blah) And It Would Be Sick If She Could See It. This Is Prolly My Best Project ( tied with wolf depending on your mood) And Iā€™m Happy Niggas Fucked With It In The First Place. Ok, Merry Xmas, Click Photo To Download My First Album. WOLF GANG! Ā - T